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The red panda then levitated from the table and replied, "Yes,

The red panda then levitated from the table and replied, "Yes, but the scanning speed will be a little slow." Lin Mu immediately said happily: "Then you quickly scan the virtual machine to see if there is a virus." Then Lin Mu turned off the web page in the virtual machine and let the panda scan it. Scan virus needs to read the data in the hard disk, so Lin Mu sees the hard disk light of the host flashing all the time. After scanning for a while, the voice of the little panda came from the speaker: "Master, 27 Trojan horse viruses were found in the virtual machine. Do you want to remove them?" Lin Mu was immediately taken aback: "What, is not to say that Linux will not be most of the virus?"? How to be scanned to more than 20 kinds at one time? Hearing Lin Mu's words, the little panda answered him: "Master, according to the little panda's scanning, these 27 Trojan viruses are not running, but stored in the virtual machine in the form of files.". It was only scanned by the red panda that they belonged to viruses. Lin Mu said, "Oh," and then suddenly said, "So that's it. I was wrong just now. In that case, even if these viruses can't run in this Ubuntu system, they are no different from ordinary junk files. The little panda replied, "In a sense, yes.". But Linux isn't completely safe either. According to Little Panda's database, there will be 6.95 million Linux viruses in the world by 2045,silk ficus tree, far more than there are now. "Hiss ~ ~" Lin Mu gasped, 6.95 million kinds, this is a terrible data ah. Lin Mu asks minutely: "The sort after that Linux virus is so much, is that software that reduce toxin checked forever not clear?" Little Panda replied: "Indeed, anti-virus software is always following the footsteps of the virus, has not been able to make a breakthrough in the detection and killing of viruses.". However, this situation was broken after the development of the Great Wall semi-intelligent system. I am the core of the Great Wall semi-intelligent system. I have the ability to analyze the principle of harmful programs in the system,faux ficus tree, so as to determine unknown viruses. Then the panda can intercept the virus so as not to cause damage to the system. Lin Mu smashed his mouth: "So strong!" Chapter 33 building a personal website. Knowing that Ubuntu's resistance to viruses is excellent, Lin Mu is even more satisfied with it. After all, the system you decide to modify is based on Ubuntu, and the fact that the system itself is immune to most windows viruses is a big advantage. Lin Mu thought a little, and now after the little panda has modified the Ubuntu system, he plans to release the system to the Internet for people to try. Find a network hard disk directly, then pass the system to the top, and then send the download address to the major forums for people to download? This method is not very reliable, these free network hard disk either has a capacity limit, or has a time limit, if there are no two restrictions, that is not very stable.. "The so-called network hard disk is a service provided by a network service provider to users for data storage.". Users can upload a file from the local disk to the network hard disk, and then download the file from the network hard disk on any computer connected to the network. Of course, decorative palm trees ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the free network hard disk space is relatively small, usually only one or two GB. And there are limits on file size, download speed, and storage time. Moreover, some network hard disks stipulate that each user must log in once a month, otherwise all the files in the network hard disk will be emptied, which is a very hateful clause. So, free things are generally not very good. But the network hard disk certainly has the charge pattern, the charge network hard disk does not have the limit generally, but Lin Mu this iron cock will not spend the money generally in this aspect. And even if Lin Mu changes the system and sends it to the network hard disk, and then posts propaganda in the major forums, then if someone has used the system, the messages such as suggestions must be very scattered, and Lin Mu can not soak in the Internet all day, it will surely miss the excellent suggestions of some netizens. Therefore, Lin Mu thought of a more convenient way, that is, to build a personal website of his own. Lin Mu suddenly had a brainwave: "Yes, I don't have to bother so much. I seem to have seen a software on the Internet that can make personal websites." Thinking of doing it, Lin Mu immediately opened Baidu and entered how to build a personal server. All of a sudden, Baidu threw out more than 100,000 posts about building a personal server. But Lin Mu knows that the most useful posts about search are generally in the front part, that is, the top of the search results, the closer you are to what you are searching for. So Lin Mu opened the first ten posts at one time, and there should be something he wanted. Sure enough, in the second tab bar, there are people who teach how to set up personal server websites. Lin Mu opened his eyes wide and began to read carefully. Free website expert win7 version, Chinese software, no need to fix IP address, no need to apply for domain name, as long as the computer connected to the Internet can establish a website, very simple to use, can also be used in 2000/XP/Vista/win7. Software size is 9078 KB, freeware. Hey, hey, hey, that's it. Lin Mu immediately happily clicked on the link below, and then jumped out of a description page, Lin Mu began to watch. But when he glanced at it for a moment, Lin Mu was dumbfounded. This So complicated Who can understand it? Originally thought that it should not be difficult, did not expect to set up a personal server to go through such a complex setup. Then Lin Mu did not give up and found several other server erection software, but when he saw that they were more complex than the previous one,artificial plant wall panels, Lin Mu completely gave up. How.. What should I do? ? Is it difficult to set up a website in my computer? Just as Lin Mu was thinking hard, the voice of the little panda came from the speaker: "Master, do you want to set up a website in this computer?" 。 hacartificialtree.com


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