Seven Weapons-Fist

Although the dry tobacco pouch did not touch him at all, this phenomenon was not good. His swordsmanship has always been aggressive and merciless.

Although the dry tobacco pouch did not touch him at all, this phenomenon was not good. His swordsmanship has always been aggressive and merciless. At the moment, it seems that he can't get out of the hand. A light and narrow soft sword, it is not easy to make a move under such a domineering style. Suddenly, with the sound of "Peng", a piece of luminous tobacco, with the pressure of Mount Tai on the top of the big pipe, hit down to Chang unintentionally. Chang unintentionally seemed to have been cornered, and his sword seemed to have been unable to move at all. But at that moment, he made a move. His sword suddenly became soft as a gossamer, and the straight sword turned into countless circles of light. The flashing circle of light went round and round, and the burning tobacco disappeared at once. There was another "ding" sound, and the light of the sword hit the pipe, and the sparks were excited, and the blade of the sword bounced straight out again. The pony understood what he meant at once. He had to force people to death before he could be surprised. Masters against each other. Sometimes it is like an army against each other, to put it to death first and then live. Because the other side's power is stronger than his, the momentum is stronger than his, he can only use this method. The pony admired it very much. He suddenly found that Chang had no intention of not only gaining more good swords in the past two years, but also making a lot of progress in the law. The really brilliant sword moves are sometimes not on the sword, but in the heart. This sword does not win by force, but by skill! Win not by strength,drum spill pallet, but by wisdom. He won! The edge of the sword popped out and popped out against the pipe. Bu Zhan turned over in the air, his sleeve took off, and a tobacco pouch weighing fifty-one catties was no longer in his hand. He had to let go. If he did not let go, the sword would cut off his hand. But the master battle, even the weapons are released, this is also a kind of to endure a lifetime of shame. When Bu Zhan fell to the ground, there was no color on his face. Not even that kind of insufferably arrogant spirit. Often,plastic bulk containers, the sword is in the waist, and the sword is in the scabbard. Bu Zhan suddenly snapped, "Draw your sword again!" "Do you want to fight again?" Chang said coldly. "The sword kills people," said Bu Zhan. "You can kill people without fighting." "I said you could keep your skin," Chang said inadvertently. "If you die, where can you leave your skin?" Though Bu Zhan's hand was clenched tightly, it kept trembling. He suddenly became old and weak. He has to go. Even though he wants to die.. Perhaps he really would rather die under the sword of Chang unintentionally, but the sword of Chang unintentionally has been sheathed. Death, after all, is not easy. Although he is an old man, his life is not much, and because he is an old man, his life is worth borrowing. The fog has faded, the figure of Bu Zhan has disappeared in the fog, although the dry tobacco pouch is still on the ground, ibc spill pallet ,ibc spill containment pallet, the fire in the pipe has been extinguished. Lan Lan's eyes were shining and she said, "Once he leaves this time, I'm afraid he'll never come back." "Not only will he not come again," said the pony, "neither will his disciples." They all could see that the old wolf not only had bones, but also bones were very convenient. The businessman that stands beside them laughs suddenly: "Although the person is not little now, everybody still can drink two cups more." The pony deliberately asked, "Why?" The businessman laughed and said, "Because I really admire this old man's swordsmanship." Listen to a person behind suddenly: "I also admire very much." When they turned around, they found another person in the room, a gentleman with a high Confucian dress and a folding fan. After all, the wolf gentleman is here. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 7 Doubts Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang (I) September 13, morning. Dark and foggy. In the dining room of the Taiping Inn, it looks as if it is really peaceful. Everyone sat flatly and looked as if they were very polite. Especially the wolf gentleman is more polite. The most unkind is the pony. His eyes were staring at him all the time, and his fists were ready to go out at any time. Wen Liangyu didn't seem to see it at all. "You've had a hard night," he said with a smile. Pony: Humph! Lan Lan said, "It's a little hard though." Now everyone is still very peaceful. "Boss Hao!" Said Wen Liangyu. The businessman came at once. With a smile. "The little one is here." Wen Liangyu said, "First go and make some snacks and side dishes, and then go and warm up some wine. It's on me.". "Hao said:" Yes! "The pony suddenly sneered. "Hao's business has been done, but your good business hasn't been done yet. Why should you treat us first?" Wen Yuliang said with a smile. "Business is business, and treating is treating. How can they be confused?" The pony said, "Even if business can't be done. Do you also want to invite guests? "Wen Liangyu said," If you come from far away, I must do a little bit of host friendship. " "All right," said the pony, "bring me the big bowl." Lan Lan said softly, "You haven't slept all night, and your stomach is empty. You'd better drink less." "If you don't drink, you won't drink," said the pony. "Drink to death!" Wen Liangyu clasped his hands and laughed. "That's the way it should be. If you don't drink more now, it won't be convenient to drink when you have no fists." "Do you really want my fists?" Asked the pony. Wen Liangyu smiled. "All right, I'll give it to you," said the pony. Before he had finished a sentence, his fist had passed. His fist is not only accurate, but also fast. Fast as hell. Who would have thought that Wen Liangyu seemed to have calculated this move long ago, and as soon as he rolled, he even reached eight or nine feet away with his stool. He was not angry, or with a smile: "The wine has not been drunk, are you already drunk?" Lan Lan said: "He is not drunk." Wen Liangyu did not object, nor did he argue. "Maybe he just likes to beat people by nature," he said. Lan Lan smiled with a charming smile and said, "You are wrong again." "Oh?" Said Lan Lan. "He doesn't like to beat people. He just really likes to beat you." "Oh," said Wen Liangyu. "Not only does he like to beat you, but everyone here wants to beat you." "I don't want to," Chang said unintentionally. "You really don't want to?" Said Lan Lan. "I just want to skin him!" Wen Liangyu is still not angry. Still with a smile, she said,plastic pallet suppliers, "I heard that your brother is very ill." Lan Lan said, "Yes." "Is your brother really the girl's own brother?" Asked Wen Liangyu. "Yes," said Lan Lan. 。


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