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Martina's face became a little gloomy. She pouted, grabbed a small pair

Martina's face became a little gloomy. She pouted, grabbed a small pair of scissors in one hand, and cut the short hair on her head. Her silver hair, which was about an inch long, was cut into a hairstyle that clung to her scalp. Then she smiled in the mirror with satisfaction: "Soldier, you have to look like a soldier.". This hairstyle is very good. The door was suddenly gently knocked a few times, Martina was stunned for a moment, hurriedly threw the scissors in the corner of the room, patted the hair residue on her body, restrained the purple and silver light in her eyes, and walked quickly towards the door. As soon as the door opened a crack, before Martina could see who was outside, Fang Wen, carrying a boa constrictor backpack, came in through the crack of the door with a low waist in the standard way of being a thief, and just brushed past Martina's armpit. 'Martina 'Leng Leng, silver eyebrows suddenly wrinkled together, she coldly shouted: "Fang Wen,outdoor digital signage displays, what are you doing here?" Fang Wen yawned gently and stretched his waist forcefully. He wandered lazily to the sofa in the corner and lay down askew. He hummed feebly, "I just sent the people of the joint investigation team away. It's been a long time. The expressions of Feng Yu and Feng Lv are about to eat me. It makes my liver flutter for a while.". Well, didn't I just send them away and come to see you? Ha ha ha ha, Martina, you see, now the planet is at least temporarily in my own hands! Fang Wen precisely designed and used the secret weapon Ziyi-Walkwood's trap, sweeping away all the departments of the Sixth Colonial Star except the army,face recognition identification, but letting his biggest enemy, Kevin, who was extremely hostile to him, take a big blame. And the military headquarters represented by the Moon Pole went out strongly. After the briefing on the results of the investigation, the military headquarters did not know what means it had used. In short, all departments of the executive government obediently withdrew from the Sixth Colonial Star, which was euphemistically called'rectifying discipline '! In this battle, Fang Wen won beautifully, and before the arrival of the military construction research base, Fang Wen became the nominal master of the planet. Even if the new military region of the military headquarters came to the sixth colonial star to build research bases and production bases, Fang Wen was at least a big landlord of half of the planet's land. The new military region is bound to settle on the smaller'wild beast continent ', they only exist to build bases, smart whiteboard price ,touch screen digital signage, and will not interfere with Fang Wen's rule over the 130000000 immigrants of the'orc continent' and the 1800000, which is now just over two million troops. Fang Wen's contribution to the army is too great, and this is the reward he deserves. It is precisely because the heart is full of hope for the future, Fang Wen came to Martina at the first time after seeing off the joint investigation team. He also brought a little gift for Martina. Martina frowned at Fang Wen, who was reclining on the sofa, and a ray of light flashed in her narrowed eyes. 'Martina 'Suddenly curious'Yi', she walked quickly to the front of Fang Wen, one hand toward Fang Wen's chest touched the past. Fang Wen foolishly looked at Martina's little hand reaching into her clothes, stroked her chest hard for a while, and then grabbed it hard. 'Martina's Little hands are delicate and smooth, but also covered with a light layer of cold, small hands stroked Fang Wen's body, Fang Wen only felt that his bones were crisp. Hey, hey, hey, Martina. Fang Wenle was dizzy, and he did not care to brag to Martina that he had designed to entrap Fang yuan and his party. The corners of his mouth flashed with the light of water reflected by saliva, and he also reached out and grabbed Martina's chest. It's rare for this cold little girl to take the initiative today. Hey, he threw himself into her arms and was so happy to die. 'Pa ',' Martina 'mercilessly slapped Fang Wen's outstretched hand away. She was very surprised and asked Fang Wen: "How do you practice your strength?"? Yours is better than the latest generation of super soldiers. Even those archetypal warriors are not as powerful as yours. Suddenly, a cold air with dazzling white light appeared on her hand, and she pressed her palm on Fang Wen's chest. Silently, the clothes on Fang Wen's chest were smashed by the cold, and the cold exploded on Fang Wen's body without any shelter. A small piece of fine ice appeared on Fang Wen's white skin, and that was all. The cold air from Martina's full strength had no effect on him. 'Martina 'All over the body rippled with dense white cold, a circle of white ice crystals emerged, the temperature in the room plummeted. Martina asked Fang Wen in a cold voice, "Why are you so powerful?" "Well," Fang Wen scratched the back of his head and said with a smile, "I came to you this time just for this! Martina, I think our wedding should have happened sooner. This is my gift to you! With this baby, your strength will soar. Fang Wen grabbed the python bag he had brought with him and pulled out a beautiful translucent purple and silver life crystal the size of a human head. This is the life crystallization of a "double-headed cold Jiao" produced on an extremely cold planet somewhere in this star field. 'Two-headed Cold Jiao 'is a kind of creature as strong as the running cloud beast. The cold gas sprayed out is so powerful that it is just in line with Martina's attributes. This is the crystallization of life, is a Beffins ancestor wandering in this star field, inadvertently provoked an adult'double-headed cold Jiao ', Beffins ancestor paid the price of their own serious injuries, only lucky to slay this'double-headed cold Jiao', took its crystallization of life as a trophy. Now, the soul brand in this life crystallization has been dispelled by Fang Wen, leaving only the most quintessential life energy. When Martina fuses this life crystal, her power will be only weaker than that of Fang Wen and Long Zunweide today, and her ice power will reach a terrible level. 'Martina 'Eyes flashed a pressing light,temperature scanning kiosks, she almost snatched the piece of life crystal from Fang Wen's hand, and then she did not care about the upper body of the army standard camouflage tights clean, the tall and beautiful perfect chest exposed in front of Fang Wen.


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