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Lin Yang, who had felt very embarrassed because of his boasting,

Lin Yang, who had felt very embarrassed because of his boasting, burst into a smile in an instant, and Yu Zhou suddenly had the illusion that he was raising a dog. I'll tell you when I set the time. Be sure to come! Yu Zhou Zhou looked at him and nodded. Two people are almost full, Yu Zhou Zhou decided not to avoid, looking directly at him and asked: "Lin Yang, you look for me, what is the matter?" Lin Yang stared at Yu Zhou's eyes, as if to look all the way through the window of the soul into her soul. There's nothing going on. "What?" "There's really nothing," Lin Yang shook his head firmly. "At least, there's nothing now." He picked up his dinner plate and stood up. "The collar of my school uniform is crooked and my hands are not free. Please help me straighten the collar." Yu Zhou Zhou just put the tissue bag into his pocket and looked up at him in surprise. Lin Yang stared at her stubbornly, a vexatious "I won't go if you don't help me with the collar". Canteen people come and go, the rest of the week's heart suddenly had a ripple. She lowered her head and continued to pretend that she had nothing to do with it. She reached out and gently smoothed the collar of his school uniform, but her fingertips trembled a little. Ok "Let's go back to class!" Lin Yang smiled brightly in spring. The clanging sound of the plate recycling office echoed in the spacious canteen, and people came and went. In the crowded corner where the food was fragrant, Lin Yang, who had been in chaos for a whole year, suddenly felt that the pieces of jigsaw puzzle in his heart were returning slowly at this moment, putting together a complete picture. Zhou Zhou! When Yu Zhou Zhou returned to the door of the class, Lin Yang stopped her behind her back. What “…… Nothing. Lin Yang clenched his fist silently. It's not too late to say something later. It's not too late to talk about it after you've done it. There is a basketball match between our class and Class One at noon on Wednesday or Friday. You must come to see it! Without waiting for any reaction from the rest of the week, Lin Yang turned and ran. His wide white school uniform was propped up by the wind brought by running. He felt like a bird and was about to fly. This year, or this decade, the map that he had been piecing together in a confused way by intuition, was now clearly spread out under his feet. This time, he didn't want to say. Explain or excuse, confess or swear. No more forever. But no more confusion, no more awkwardness. "Ha,x70 line pipe, I heard it all." Yu Zhou Zhou took his eyes back from the corner where Lin Yang's back disappeared, and the smiling girl leaning against the door was Mijo who had disappeared all morning. You're back. Yu Zhou said hello. You sound like a daughter-in-law. Tut, have you been waiting for your father to come back? With a cheeky smile, Mijo raised Yu Zhou's chin with his index finger. "Come on, give me a smile." Yu Zhouzhou burst into the most brilliant smile when he heard the sound. She just thought Mijo was really funny. Mijo was so scared that he took a big step back. "Damn, I've never seen anyone cooperate like you, you, you, you." Who are you? Then she was embarrassed to smile and scratch her head. My name is Yu Zhou Zhou. When Mijo heard this, he raised his eyebrows slightly, as if remembering something, and immediately laughed. Oh, my name is Mijo. She nodded. "Hello, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s31803 sheet, Mijo." Mijo scratched his head. "You're welcome. Hello, you." Can you do me a favor and tear down the poster on the desk with me? The rest of the week looked back at the miserable Iverson, "compromised?" Mijo shook his head. "No, I want another one." Yu Zhou laughed out loud, "OK, I'll help you." They squatted together in front of the table with a wallpaper knife to cut the transparent glue, but the difficult thing is that Mijo used too much double-sided tape in order to stick, it is difficult to clean up, two people toss together until sweating, the first class in the afternoon is coming soon, the table is still horrible. Suck it up. Put up a new poster tomorrow and it will be covered. "Well, I know," Mijo clapped his hands and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Thank you, Zhou Zhou. In return, I'll keep everything I've just heard a secret. What did you hear? "Isn't that your boyfriend?" Yu Zhou did not know whether to laugh or cry. "No.". ” "Then who is he?" Yu Zhou Zhou thought about it and suddenly found that he was unable to locate Lin Yang. He is not a friend, not an ordinary classmate, so who is he? She shook her head. "He." "I know. He's after you." Mijo shook his short hair in disorder, his wheat-colored skin was a little sickly pink because of the work of tearing posters just now, and he smiled gossipily, but the corners of his mouth were full of kindness. No "Oh, you just like to make things too complicated, think about it, remember, return to nature, how to say that in English, that ground.." “downtotheground? This is not the meaning of returning to nature. "I said yes!"! From now on, it means returning to nature! Surrounded by students have been sitting down, many people are looking at the eyes of the monster in the morning was pulled out of Mijo, but she did not care, still as if no one else loudly explained their point of view, "in short, look directly at your own feelings, he is like you, is chasing you, I can see it." Yu Zhou blushed and wanted to rush up and seal Mijo's mouth. She found that in front of Mijo and Lin Yang, her memory and emotions were recovering little by little. Any emotion other than hate. People are not manic and young people are wasted. Yu Zhou Zhou has to admit that the basketball match really depends on the scene. In the cartoon, Mu Mu Gong Yan can be fixed four or five times three point shot, each time with a memory, lacking too much tension on the spot. Not like this moment, when boys run, their shoes rub against the floor, panting, scrambling, and when the basketball hits the ground,uns c70600, it makes a heartbeat. Every time the boys roared past Yu Zhou Zhou's eyes, she would feel a kind of exuberant vitality, beating vigorously beside her. lksteelpipe.com


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