What can you do for me (meet again after a long separation)

Chu He knew what the cub was unhappy about. The cub was brought up by him. When he was studying in the United States, Chu He only invited special care for the cub when he was the youngest and had too many classes to take care of himself.

Chu He knew what the cub was unhappy about. The cub was brought up by him. When he was studying in the United States, Chu He only invited special care for the cub when he was the youngest and had too many classes to take care of himself. When Tuan Tuan grew up a little, he often took Tuan Tuan to class. Little Tuanzi seldom cried as long as he was with him. When he was in class, Tuantuan would lie on his lap and hum when he was very hungry. But as long as he put the pacifier into his mouth, Tuantuan would blink again and stop making trouble. Children are born to like their mothers, but Chuhe knows that Tuan Tuan is more dependent on him than Anai. When Chuhe went out with Tuan Tuan in his arms, Anai was watching the entertainment news. He put the clean dumpling on the sofa and was about to go. Tuan Tuan hugged his thigh very forcefully. "Dad, don't go!" The cub hugged his thigh and shouted again, "Dad, don't go!" Chu He Wen Yan looked at Anai, Anai looked at Chu He and Chu Tuan Tuan hanging on Chu He, rubbed his eyes, and repeated to Anai, "Dad, don't go!" Anai looked at Tuan Tuan's reluctant appearance and was at a loss. Silence for a while, thinking that he has grown up, can not be like a frightened bird afraid of Chu He, do a good job of psychological construction, she nodded,collapsible pallet bin, to take a bath. After taking a bath, Anai changed into a bean-green short-sleeved home dress and wiped his hair and came out. He saw Chu He sitting on the armrest of the sofa with two long legs stretched out. A small dumpling in a light blue one-piece pajamas sat on Chu He's feet and was thrown up and down by Chu He's legs. The little boy obviously liked this game very much. Although there was no excited expression on his little face, he waved his hands happily. Seeing her coming, Chu He picked him up with his arms in both hands and asked her, "Do you have a computer?"? I'll reply to an email. "In the study." Anai nodded and walked to the study. Chu He walked behind Anai with one hand holding Tuan Tuan. Anai's hair was not dried, and it was dripping wet. The water soon soaked her thin home clothes. Her beautiful butterfly bone was looming, and the pea green made her complexion whiter. The big study in Anai's house is bigger than the master bedroom. Several mahogany bookshelves occupy a whole wall together. There are three big desks opposite the bookshelves,collapsible bulk containers, on which there are the best feeding chlorophytum. Chu He remembered that Anai liked watering flowers very much when she first arrived at Chu's house. The little girl carried a watering can to water her small flowerpot on time every day, three times a day, when she was eating. Chu He gloated as Anai poured the poor pots of cactus she had brought to her death. Anai stood in front of the flowerpot for a long time, looking weak and pitiful. When Chu He came back from school in the afternoon, he threw her a pot of chlorophytum and said, "water it." Chu He withdrew his eyes on the chlorophytum and saw Anai bending over to look for a notebook in the cabinet under the bookshelf. The bending action exposed a small part of her white waist. Anai handed the notebook to Chu He and saw Tuan Tuan standing aside. She took another pad to Tuan Tuan. After the assignment, Anai sat at his desk looking for interview materials, Chu He replied to the email at the desk next to him, and Tuan Tuan played with the pad, leaving only the sound of tapping the keyboard in the huge study. An Nai's back is very straight, she is using the mouse to drag the web page to the bottom, Tuan Tuan came in from under her arm, two small hands holding the pad, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet manufacturer, raised to show her the micro-blog, the micro-blog home page on the screen is Chu He, is a newly registered number, but because of the identity of the entertainment leader Prince Ye, plus Lin Yaoyao's shy look at the airport, Or the side face in the entertainment news, Chu He has a lot of fans, and there are a lot of comments below, including Lin Yaoyao's fans. Ge Yao: God, you must protect our goddess. Lin Yaoyao Goddess: God, we Yaoyao to you, you have to be good to her ah. Yao Guang: Yaoyao said so obviously, you also come to express ah, do not always let girls take the initiative. …… With an expressionless face, Anai pulled the screen and pointed to one of them, "Husband, I want to give you a monkey." She asked, "What is a monkey?" Anai thought for a moment and answered him, "What the child means." As soon as her voice fell, Chu Tuan Tuan went out from under her arm and ran to Chu He. He put his hands on Chu He's thighs and said earnestly, "Dad, don't.." "Well.." Chu He talked absentmindedly and watched his son try to sit on his legs. The little fellow held up his hand with a serious expression: "Dad, don't … …" Others Give birth to a monkey. He is too young to switch between active and passive. An Nai, who was eavesdropping, almost laughed. She coughed softly to hide it, and heard Chu He lazily ask Chu Tuan Tuan: "Why?" Chu Tuan Tuan stretched his face and said in a milky voice, "Because I am Dad's little monkey." "Oh," Chu He's deep magnetic voice with a narrow smile: "Dad would not have given birth to a monkey, you go to tell your mother, do not give birth to a monkey for others." "Cough," Anai coughed louder, she did not wait for Tuan Tuan to run over and go out with a cup of water. After receiving the water, she stood in the living room for a while before going back. Tuan Tuan had forgotten to ask her about it, sitting crookedly in Chu He's arms, and the child seemed a little sleepy after running all day. Anai sat back at his desk and continued to look at her interview materials with his ears up. When he heard the footsteps, he looked back and saw Chu He holding Tuan Tuan and walking out. He looked back and raised his chin, as if to ask her which room Tuan Tuan slept in. Anai pointed to the right and compared two. Chu He went out with Tuan Tuan in his arms. Chu He went out, Anai felt the sense of oppression disappeared, the whole person relaxed down, straight back also soft down, she stretched on the back of the chair, fell asleep,plastic pallet crates, Chu He immediately left, thinking of this Anai felt the whole person relaxed a lot. She was about to turn off her phone when she heard a deep and pleasant voice behind her: "What time will the interview be tomorrow?" "Half past two in the afternoon." Anai answered reflexively, and Chu He went very close behind her and reached out to hold down her hand that slid the mouse. binpallet.com


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