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"No, the only person I care about most is you." Fu Yueze didn't expect Suxi's vinegar to be quite strong. Just me. Su Xi pretended not to care to say, knowing that Fu Yueze was single-minded to himself, his heart would still be jealous, or would look at him more for

"No, the only person I care about most is you." Fu Yueze didn't expect Suxi's vinegar to be quite strong. Just me. Su Xi pretended not to care to say, knowing that Fu Yueze was single-minded to himself, his heart would still be jealous, or would look at him more for other women, it was not a taste in his heart. Love makes people unreasonable, Su Xi thought in a mess, looking at Fu Yueze's pitiful appearance, the heart could not bear for a moment. This high fever makes Fu Yueze very haggard. His handsome face is still the same. He has never seen his rough side, but now he has seen it together. Su Xi came to Fu Yueze, her eyes gently fell on Fu Yueze, at the moment want to kiss Fu Yueze, want to embrace him, have an inexplicable impulse. Su Xi crouched down, she and Fu Yueze's line of sight to keep level, her eyes gentle bit by bit will Fu Yueze devour. Fu Yueze, I love you, I love you very much. Su Xi said as he stamped a kiss on Fu Yueze's forehead. Then come up and sleep with me. Fu Yueze took the opportunity to pull Su Xi to bed. Everything happened so fast that Suxi had no time to struggle and fell into Fu Yueze's hands. Fu Yueze hugged Suxi tightly. He clamped Suxi's restless legs with his legs. Fu Yueze's heavy breathing was in Su Xi's ear, and she looked helplessly at Fu Yueze, "and made a surprise attack." Su Xi has no way to deal with Fu Yueze. Time is running out. Go to bed quickly. Fu Yueze is still the tone of command. How can I sleep like this? Su Xi helplessly looked at Fu Yueze, did not expect just to recover the body of Fu Yueze, unexpectedly so strong. Sleep Fu Yueze said "ferociously", his eyes locked with Suxi. Su Xi closed his eyes helplessly and did not want to argue with Fu Yueze any more, so he did what Fu Yueze said, and Su Xi, who was already sleepy, gradually fell asleep. Even breathing came, Fu Yueze looked at Su Xi with relief, knowing that Su Xi had been holding on, obviously sleepy, but also to hold on, Fu Yueze showed a spoiled and helpless smile. A kiss fell gently on Suxi's forehead, and Fu Yueze was careful not to disturb Suxi's good dreams. Holding Suxi, Fu Yueze smelled the special fragrance on Suxi's body, because it was so easy to sleep that Suxi didn't take off any of his clothes. I'm sure I'll be cold when I wake up, little fool. Fu Yueze said softly. Because Su Xi was on the bank, Fu Yueze lost his sleepiness and looked at Su Xi quietly. The room was not bright enough. He looked at Su Xi's face carefully. Hee-hee, when are you going to say yes to my proposal? Fu Yueze some distress, the proposal has failed countless times, really do not know how to continue? As he spoke, he couldn't help chirping Suxi, and Fu Yueze felt that he had become a little garrulous, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Tubes, because of Suxi, he had become very different. Su Xi slept soundly, not disturbed by Fu Yueze's intimate actions, did not sleep all night, at the moment feel extremely comfortable, the whole body is particularly relaxed. Fu Yueze watched Su Xi like this until he was summoned by sleepiness, and gradually Fu Yueze fell asleep, and the two of them fell into a deep sleep. At eight o'clock, the sun was shining brightly. Qin Ran walked in front with the rice cooker in his hand. Luo Hen and Nian Siyao walked side by side at the back. In the middle were three children holding hands. After the bodyguard at the door saw Qin Ran, he immediately dutifully pushed the door open. Qin Ran went straight in. She looked at the bulging quilt on the bed. A little shy turned his face, and if he had known, he would have knocked on the door first, and a blush climbed up his cheeks. The three children who came later looked at Qin Ran curiously, not knowing why Qin Ran would make such a strange move. Aunt Dye. The child said in unison. Let's go out first. Qin Ran quickly reacted. The voices of the children woke up Fu Yueze, who woke up Suxi as soon as he moved, and the two of them raised their heads from the bed and looked at the crowd on this side. Instinctively Suxi hurriedly propped up her upper body, the quilt slipped from her body, even the sweater did not take off, Suxi wore tightly. And Fu Yueze is also wearing a hospital gown, obviously they did not happen, Qin ran for his big brain hole to shame.


Chapter 375 another failed marriage proposal. Updated: 2016-03-15 16:52:18 Words: 3,578 H1 Chapter 375 Another Failed Proposal


Busy day began, early morning Oolong so that Qin Ran has been embarrassed to look up at Su Xi and Fu Yueze, she felt that her thoughts are poisonous, how can she associate with that file. There is a subtle change between Luo Hen and Nian Siyao. Fu Yueze is keenly aware of this. He finds that Nian Siyao looks at Luo Hen with a little vigilance. From Luo Hen's eyes can not see any change, sometimes look at Luo Hen's eyes like a deep pool, faint with a chill. Not too much thought on other people, Fu Yueze is still considering the proposal, Su Xi's attitude makes Fu Yueze very distressed. It's just a wedding. It's not a magic spell. Susie doesn't want to die. In the evening, a group of people planned to go home, and Suxi again volunteered to stay. Fu Yueze cherishes this opportunity to be alone. It is reasonable to say that other people should do their own things, but they have to run to the hospital, often disturbing the world of Su Xi and Fu Yueze. Su Zichen wanted to accompany Su Xi to guard Fu Yueze, because of Su Zichen's proposal, Su Zixuan also asked to stay, see Su Zixuan do not go, the stars also refused to go. Fu Yueze did not expect this to happen, he looked at Suxi, hoping that Suxi could have a good way to deal with it. In the evening, my mother can take my younger brother and sister home alone. Su Xi of course does not agree, children stay up late is not good, she will not let their children accompany themselves in the hospital all night. Su Zichen insisted, "I want to take care of my father with my mother." Su Zichen wants to do something, the more idle he is, the more he wants to find something to do. Only one person is needed at night,precision welded tubes, and Chen Chen goes home obediently. Su Xi still does not agree, originally stay at night to take care of Fu Yueze is slightly superfluous, Su Xi more impossible to pull other people together.


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