I flirted with old Kang in those years.

In his mind, he recalled what his aunt Ping Guiren Hesheli had said to himself that day in the imperial garden. Your Royal Highness, you are the only blood left by your sister, the emperor's legitimate son, the most noble prince in the palace, is destined to inherit the throne, but n

In his mind, he recalled what his aunt Ping Guiren Hesheli had said to himself that day in the imperial garden. Your Royal Highness, you are the only blood left by your sister, the emperor's legitimate son, the most noble prince in the palace, is destined to inherit the throne, but now the emperor is confused by that cheap maidservant, even her son has been spoiled by the emperor! "The situation in the harem today is that the coated bitch's family is dominant. If it goes on like this, I'm afraid your position will be dangerous. Then I, how can I live up to my sister's soul in heaven?" Remembering his aunt's tearful face, his heart was filled with anger and anger, and a trace of panic. Could it be that my aunt's words were going to come true? Would Huang Ama really give up herself for the sake of the woman who was dressed in cheap clothes. The little boy stood in front of the table with his head down, and some of the drowsy and empty palaces made him small and lonely. Holding a green sandalwood pen tightly in his hand, the tip of his nose trembled, and the thick ink gradually dripped down, making a slightly ferocious ink mark on the snow-white rice paper. Yongshou Palace. Master, what do you think about the prince? Yue Ying, who was reclining on the imperial concubine's couch, skillfully massaged her calf. She was getting older now, and her body was a little heavy. Her calf was always sore and swollen. The weather in April was lukewarm,stainless steel needle valve, the best season. Yue Ying pinched her fingers and calculated that the birth of the baby in her stomach would probably be at the end of June, just in time for the summer confinement. It was bad to think about it. She gently stroked her high belly and said absentmindedly, "He is the crown prince, the crown prince of the court, the most important son of the emperor, and I am the favorite concubine of the harem.". He did this just out of his guard and vigilance against my favorite concubine. What can I do? What can I do is wrong. In fact, she has been thinking about this matter in her mind these two days,14 tube fitting, but she has not thought about how to deal with it. Because the prince is different from the children of other concubines in the harem, first, he is already a crown prince, and second, he has no birth mother. In this way, if he and Kangxi directly said that the prince was hostile to Kangxi, with Kangxi's character of thinking three times about everything, it would be difficult to guarantee that he would not think that he was giving the prince eyedrops, and would be suspected of trying to seize the throne. Even if Kangxi did not think much about it, he also reprimanded the prince for this matter, but this could not shake the root of the prince, and perhaps it would aggravate the prince's hostility to Ann and himself, which would be even more of a loss. In fact, in the final analysis, tube fitting manufacturer ,ball valve manufacturer, it is because Yue Ying knows that in the fierce struggle in the future, the prince will not be the final winner, so now there is more or less a fearless mentality. She did not expect that she had not mentioned this matter to Kangxi, but Kangxi was also thinking about it in his mind. In the evening, after dinner, Kangxi put Yue Ying's swollen calf on his knee and kneaded it with moderate strength. Yue Ying narrowed her eyes slightly and wanted to hum comfortably. After all, she was a woman, and the strength of her hands was so poor that Kangxi rubbed her much more comfortably. I heard that Ann had learned her lessons well in the study during this period of time, and even Zhang Ying, who did not like to praise people, mentioned a few words to me. "Kangxi chatted, and Yue Ying smiled." He just entered the school, what is good or not, I only hope that he can be smooth, do not make trouble, do not cause trouble on the line. Kangxi changed the position of Yue Ying's two legs and began to knead the other leg. "You are such a good-for-nothing woman. Everyone wants your son to be successful, but you are good." Yue Ying narrowed her eyes and said with a laugh, "An'er is the son of a dragon. It's all thanks to the noble blood given by the emperor. Naturally, I can be lazy." "You're going to be the mother of two children. Why are you still so out of shape?" "Kangxi laughed, reached out his hand and gently tapped her smooth forehead." Didn't you ever think that one day Ann would take my place? The man's voice was still smiling, as if the words were just a joke, but Yue Ying was excited. No matter how approachable and considerate Kangxi was in front of her, it seemed that they were really just ordinary couples, but on this sensitive issue, Yue Ying was carrying a heart. Such a topic, in the past, she was able to avoid, Kangxi is never let such a topic in the conversation between the two stay too long. But today, the meaning of his words is too obvious. Yue Ying is a little irritable, the first two days of things she deliberately avoided in front of Kangxi to mention the attitude of the prince inside, in order to temporarily ease, because some things she has not yet thought about, but Kangxi so clear words, is also unexpected to her. Why doesn't this man have any tacit understanding. She frowned and suddenly pulled her leg out of Kangxi's hand. Does the emperor suspect that his concubine has the intention of letting Aner compete with the prince for the reserve? Her tone was not very good, rather impatient, but Kangxi was stunned. I'm just joking. Why am I angry? Yue Ying didn't want to go around in circles with him. She immediately said, "If the meaning of the emperor's words is not to suspect my concubine, it is to hope that my concubine has thought about it. Yes, will the emperor be very happy?" "Kangxi touched his nose." Come on, the pregnant woman's temper is really untouchable and untouchable. " It's not that I doubt you. It's just what happened a few days ago. I know more or less what's going on. I know the discord between their children. It's just that you don't say it, and I can't ask you directly. Since Yue Ying became pregnant, once they quarreled, they always ended up with Kangxi unconditionally raising the white flag to admit defeat. This time, it was the same. They wanted to take a curve to save the nation, but the other side did not take it at all. They only frowned and let themselves surrender. As soon as he talked about it,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Yue Ying was even more aggrieved. She couldn't help saying, "Since the emperor knows it's not easy to ask, don't you know what my concubine thinks? The prince's attitude towards Ann now can be seen by anyone with a discerning eye. What's the use of my concubine's words? Isn't it just adding trouble to the emperor?" 。 chinaroke.com


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