Miners of the other world

The Gelema Mountains span the four countries of Poluo, Almeni, Brussels, and Resic. Even if the mountains can be completely closed, how can they enter other countries to carry out a comprehensive encirclement and suppression campaign?

The Gelema Mountains span the four countries of Poluo, Almeni, Brussels, and Resic. Even if the mountains can be completely closed, how can they enter other countries to carry out a comprehensive encirclement and suppression campaign? In addition, the orc army's ability to counter the encirclement and suppression is strong, in the case of scattered forces, most of the orcs were attacked by a small army, roaring orc warriors, after killing a small group of officers and soldiers, such as the forces of the Orc country gathered, they roared away, forcing the officers and soldiers of the Orc country to gather closely. But in the process of encirclement and suppression, will still be harassed by orc warriors in all directions, a small group of orc army like wolves, the whole army to chase, they quickly fled without a trace, when the army began to advance, they came again, causing the encirclement and suppression forces of the country of Pero, after entering the Glema Mountains, advancing very slowly. Followed by repeated large-scale night raids by the orc army, even though the Boro army won in repeated counter-raids, but in the end,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, without exception, it was found that the morale of the army was extremely low and the number of casualties was huge, so after a few days of army advance, it became a "middle" army, with a heavy loss of 100,000 troops, often 10,000 or 20,Flushometer valve,000. Coupled with many wounded soldiers and troops to the mountain climate is not adapted, not decisive battle, morale is collapsed, smart commander in chief immediately with the army fled back, stupid is the whole army buried in the mountains of Gelema, finally only escaped a small number of people. Ignace, who had twice taken part in a large-scale encirclement and suppression campaign against the orcs and almost lost his life in the Glema Mountains, still remembered the painful lessons of the encirclement and suppression campaign. When he marched to the Glema Mountains, he had advised Chen Yu many times to beware of the elusive attacks of the orcs in all directions. At that time. Chen Yu just smiled and asked Ignacio to study the terrain of the Gelema Mountains. On the evening of the approaching March, Chen Yu held a military intelligence meeting above the rank of captain. While pointing out the map, he explained his battle plan in detail. With the deepening of Chen Yu's explanation, the minds of the generals were completely attracted, and their eyes were staring round and shining. Ignacio was thrilled. If only there had been such detailed preparations in advance before the war, and if we knew ourselves and the enemy, we could have fought a sure battle. In addition to fully grasping the topographic map of the Glema Mountains, the distribution of the main orc tribes, and the local equipment update at all costs, Flush valve price ,push button toilet flush valve, the Northern Frontier Defense Force has made great efforts to upgrade its equipment. The generals almost forgot that the Great Commander had another skill that no one could stand up to, his animal training. Chen Yu to secretly domesticated a batch of dashing mink, cloud eagle, fire, fire fox, flying monkey, when Chen Yu revealed the number of its magic pet reconnaissance troops that night, the people were shocked, but imagine Chen Yu in the rate of the army east and west for, all day long in the case of numerous affairs, but also in a short period of two months, domesticated hundreds of military dashing mink, dozens of cloud eagles, Hundreds of firefoxes, flying monkeys, and Chen Yu, who was transferred from the capital of the country, are a large number of military intelligence transmission birds that have been heavily domesticated. It is suitable for transporting Warcraft through high mountains. Everything is ready except for the use of force against the orcs. But foreign military observers, although they can find a large number of medium-sized hay carrying Warcraft, can not easily see the more sophisticated military reconnaissance Warcraft Magic Birds. It was not until fifty thousand troops began to compete with the orcs that the all-pervasive shadow of reconnaissance Warcraft began to raise a cloud of suspicion in the hearts of these military observers. The northern frontier forces were divided into several columns and moved rapidly into the depths of the Gelema Mountains, with the central column being the High Command and the Ice Fortress Corps. In the deep mountain forest more than two hundred miles away from the city of Gelema, the mist was flying lightly, and occasionally the roar of a wild black bear with giant paws was heard in the wind. Suddenly a large group of birds in the forest to flutter Leng Leng to fly straight up, then a Warcraft also because of the unusual situation hurriedly to escape, the southern sword regiment of iron boots has stepped into the mountains and forests, the regiment is followed by Chen Yu and his familiar brigade and pro guards, left wing is a miracle mercenary regiment, right wing is eight thousand troops of the ice fortress legion, Therefore, the tranquility here was broken in an instant. Suddenly, a group of two hundred werewolf warriors climbed up from the dense forest and charged at the Southern Sword Regiment, shouting and waving their machetes, but they were about to rush to the front of the seemingly defenseless enemy, and the werewolf warriors in the front saw a row of enemies in front of them suddenly squatting on the ground, just like the row of enemies behind them. They all felt out the silvery steel crossbows, and the werewolves in front of them were stunned by the sound of Kaka, and the short black arrows flashed in. An earth-shaking scream sounded, a row of werewolves fell, a row of werewolves behind just rushed a few steps, and saw the row of enemies who had shot the crossbow arrows retreat, the front row of enemies were pulled down and squatted on the ground, the thing in their hands aimed at them again.. "No," the werewolves cried out in horror. When they turned around and wanted to run, the voice of Kaka rang loudly, and a strong arrow went straight to the body of the werewolves, splashing with strands of blood. Then the werewolves found that there was an enemy behind them again. Similarly, there was no chance of close combat. When they rushed up, they were still greeted by a short steel crossbow. Two hundred werewolves who wanted to attack were In just a few minutes, they were attacked by the Southern Sword Regiment. Under the outflanking, they first destroyed most of them with strong crossbows. The remaining cunning scattered werewolves hiding behind trees were surrounded by the Southern Sword Regiment. After narrowing the encirclement, the remaining dozens of werewolves were all interested in weapons and knelt on the ground. They were the first prisoners.. It was also as the Southern Sword Regiment exchanged fire with this group of werewolf warriors that the other columns also came into close contact with the Orc Attack Team in an all-round way. Although the other columns may not have fought as well as the Southern Sword Regiment, the results were brilliant,stainless steel toilet, so that the attackers were either wiped out or fled in confusion. Then a letter of good news was passed to Chen Yu. After such an encounter, the ferocity shown by the northern frontier guards not only shocked the orcs, but also shocked the military observers who accompanied the army in various countries. cnkexin.com


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