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A third operation? Both of them were willing, so the third operation was done. That night, Li Tianzuo and Tan Qifeng were drinking tea in the backyard. "I'm going back, Master Tan," said Tianzuo. "Li Daguoshou, I know I shouldn't keep you anymore!"!

A third operation? Both of them were willing, so the third operation was done. That night, Li Tianzuo and Tan Qifeng were drinking tea in the backyard. "I'm going back, Master Tan," said Tianzuo. "Li Daguoshou, I know I shouldn't keep you anymore!"! But what if you need a fourth operation? "Master Tan," said Li Tianzuo, "even if you have three more operations, you still won't be able to restore their old views." "That's all well and good, but isn't it better to do it one more time?" "Not necessarily, Master Tan, I thought after the second time, there would be no need!"! Besides, I miss some old friends. No. Know how Xiaotang and others are doing? "They're fine. They've moved to the Ladle Villa." "Master Tan, these days, I find that you are not a.." "I used to think I was an inhuman beast?" "Of course, I dare not think so, but I found that Daxia is very affectionate. As the saying goes, 'I only fear hypocrites, but I am not afraid of real villains.' Because The hypocrite has a coat of hypocrisy, but the real villain is naked,High Speed Nail Making Machine, which makes people be on guard. "Thank you, Li Daguo," said Tan Qifeng. "What are Master Tan's plans for the future?" "I only hope to stay with Mian Mian forever!" "Did Daxia give the'Heaven on Earth 'to the'Imperfect Old Man'?" "Yes, he can inherit my career." "Don't you want to accumulate some Yin virtues for your descendants?" "What's wrong with the old man who is not perfect?" "Harmony brings happiness, but the murderous look is cold and thin!"! The old thief is a real butcher! "There is no more suitable candidate now," said Tan Qifeng. Li Tianzuo said, "Daxia,iron nail machine, have you ever considered closing the stall?" "You mean to disband the gang?" "Isn't that a great merit?" "This.." I haven't thought about.. "Don't you think it's worth considering, Daxia?" Asked Li Tianzuo. "Master Li," said Tan Qifeng, "I just want to improve the unreasonable style of the gang, but I don't want to disband yet." Li Tianzuo sighed and said, "Daxia, have you ever thought that this is similar to restoring their appearance?" "You mean." "It can only be improved, not completely solved.." Tan Qifeng was startled and said, "Li Daguo said that you could also be disfigured by them to the extent of nine times out of ten." To do it? "It's not that I don't want to do it," said Li Tianzuo. "It's that I'm in a bad mood. More than a hundred people died in Qianlong Castle. Daxia thinks this is my skill. No effect on surgery? Tan Qifeng secretly snorted, originally he left a hand, is blackmail. Li Daguo said, "As long as I dissolve'Heaven on Earth ', you can completely restore the old view of Mian Mian." "It is not a complete restoration of the old view, but almost the same as the past.". It can also be said that if you meet someone who doesn't know that she has been An acquaintance who has been disfigured may not see that she has been disfigured! "Oh.." Tan Qifeng, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail making machine, greatly surprised and annoyed, said, "If I don't dismiss Heaven on Earth, you won't be able to do all the work." And keep a hand? "In fact, I did my best!" "Well, let me think about it for three days!" "No, Daxia can only think about it for one night." Time "If Daxia agrees," said Li Tianzuo, "I'll stay for the last operation. On the contrary, I will go back tomorrow. "Yes!" "Good!"! I'll answer you tomorrow! Tan Qifeng went from the front, and on the front corridor, he met Yan Yusi by chance. After Yan Yusi and Xin Nanxing came here, they tried to avoid meeting him alone. "Don't you miss the children?" Asked Tan Qifeng. That's my business. ” "After Xin Nanxing's face is healed, do you want to go away?" "That's our business too!" "Is there really such a thing as love between you?" Yan Yusi sneered, "If not, the skin on the inside of my thighs is scarred. What is that for?" "I mean, how much love does Xin Nanxing have left besides desire?" "No less than Shi Mian Mian gave you!" She wants to go, he stopped her, way: "I still want to ask you, at the beginning after all." Who seduced who first? "He doesn't need the word'seduce '. He's a gentleman." "If he is a gentleman, and that happened at the first meeting, it shows that you are not a lady!" "Even before, I did not regard myself as a lady, just as you are not qualified to be a gentleman!" "You hate me," said Tan Qifeng. "I don't blame you. I just feel sorry for you." "What are you holding?" "Being with Xin Nanxing has wronged you!" "You want to break us up?" "No, I always thought Xin Nanxing was not a man with backbone." "So what if it's not?" "If not, your future is not optimistic!" "Alarmist, I tell you, you can't destroy us!" Tan Qifeng spread out his hands, hesitated to speak, and Yan Yusi had already walked down. The next night, Tan Qifeng and Li Tianzuo were drinking tea in the backyard. He admired Li Tianzuo very much, but he was also very angry. He did a good job, but he kept his hand. "You don't have to answer that question, Master Tan," said Li Tianzuo. "I want to ask you another question." "Then ask," said Tan Qifeng. "Daxia has never considered making up with his wife?" Tan Qifeng was a little surprised. It seemed that he didn't think he would ask this question. He shook his head and said, "Don't you think you can ask this question?" Is it superfluous? "How can it be superfluous?" "If the two of them hadn't loved each other deeply, would Yan Yusi have brought him here for medical treatment?" "That's a superficial view," said Li Tianzuo. "What?"? On the surface? "Yes, if they really reach the realm of no hindrance, they don't have to show up in public.". When you think about it, we are Master Tan invited them. If they have a little self-respect, they won't come to beg you. "They didn't come to beg me, they came to beg you both!" "Actually, it's not true. The doctor was invited by Daxia. When they come here to seek medical treatment,Iron Nail Making Machine, it's like bowing to Daxia.." "No, they won't bow to me. It can also be said that they both come here to seek medical treatment, which is tantamount to showing off or demonstrating to me." Yes! 。 3shardware.com


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