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Hong Andong was helpless: "Well, fifteen minutes." "Five minutes." Han Qian didn't even open his eyes

Hong Andong was helpless: "Well, fifteen minutes." "Five minutes." Han Qian didn't even open his eyes. Hong Andong laughed. "You are shameless." "Three minutes." "Okay, okay, three minutes, three minutes." "I'll sleep first." Hong Andong: "You.." Han Qian's smile deepened and his eyelashes trembled gently. Hong Andong sat quietly beside him and raised his hand to block the sun for a long time. When it was sore, he stroked his forehead and asked, "Are you asleep?" “……” Hong Andong leaned close to him. "You pretend to be asleep." “……” "I kissed you." "I really kissed him." Hong Andong tentatively pressed his lips. Seeing that he did not resist, he dared to lick them, nibbled them, and asked softly, "Han Qian, do you really want to divorce me?" Han Qian jerkily responded to his flexible tongue, drew a gap and shirked: "I haven't recovered yet." Hong Andong asked, "What about after recovery?" Han Qian looked at him in embarrassment and said, "I haven't recovered yet." Hong Andong smiled and kissed him again and again on his lips. "Then don't recover. I'll push you where I can use a wheelchair,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and I'll carry you where I can't use a wheelchair." Han Qian put his arm around Hong Andong's shoulder and asked, "Did I say I liked you before?" "No." "Why?" Hong Andong suddenly wet his eyes, "because I was not good enough to you before." Han Qian thought for a moment and said with a little embarrassment, "I like you very much." About Tiaozilong (1) Jason opened the mailbox and found a card as usual. This time, the card said,PET blowing machine, "Happy Children's Day. Take care of yourself." He smiled and slipped the card into his pocket. When Tiaozilong met Jason again in the membership club, Jason was having a good time with a middle-aged woman dressed like a butterfly. The middle-aged woman's red lips were pressed against Jason's neck, and she didn't know what she was whispering. Tiaozilong stood where he was. After a while, he exhaled the smoke from his mouth to the ground, pushed aside the younger brother who was following him, and went over to pick up the two men. He strangled Jason's wrist with one hand and pulled his hair roughly with the other hand. He said to the younger brother beside him, "Open a room upstairs for me." Jason was dragged to lift his waist, begging for mercy: "Dragon elder brother, you gently, I owe you a little money..." Tiaozilong sneers, "No need to open a room, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,juice filling machine, this bitch doesn't deserve it!" Jason was dragged into the bathroom. The man who was inside was pushed out by Tiao Zilong's men before his pants were fastened. Tiao Zilong pulled his belt and looked at him sullenly. Jason stepped back fearfully and said with a laugh, "I haven't seen you for more than half a year. We should catch up first. Why are you so anxious?" The striped dragon tore off his belt and slapped him viciously. Jason jumped up with a strange cry and ran for the door. Tiaozilong quickly grabbed his hair, dragged him to a semicircle and knocked him to the ground. Then he jumped on him fiercely, knocked his head on the ground, and roared: "Where have you been hiding for half a year?" Jason was dazed by the impact, clenched his lips and did not speak. Tiaozilong's men stood at the door of the bathroom and heard the sound of struggling and fighting, followed by a rapid and short scream, and then a terrible silence. Tiaozilong peeled off Jason's pants, covered his mouth and worked madly to death. There was no foreplay at all. He just used brute force to stab him in the body. At first, Jason tried to resist, but his lower body was covered with blood. He could only be at the mercy of the other side. The pain of his lower body spread to his whole body, and the pain was numb. Tiaozilong pinched Jason's chin to himself and showed his ferocity. "Where have you been these six months?" Jason was knocked down by him, and his spine rubbed against the cold tile floor. The whole body of Tiaozilong was hot, but he was soaked with cold sweat. Tiaozilong gave him a slap, "If you want to be a bitch, don't pretend to be pitiful!"! You follow me just to ask for money. Just say it! What are you playing with? Bitch love! Jason did not explain all the time. Tiaozilong leaked in his body, but still refused to get away. He pinched his neck and roared like venting: "Money!"! You only think about money, you love money! You know I like you, you know I like you. Tiaozilong relaxed a little and his eyes were red. "I was really dizzy in those days. How could I believe you, a bitch?" Jason crawled on the ground trying to get away from the madman, and Tiaozilong opened his five fingers and pressed his head. "Do you love me?"? How do you love me? Want to cheat my money to say to love me everyday, play affectionate to me everyday! Jason gasped for breath and murmured something. I used to see you cheat the money of those rich women and old men, and laugh at those childish people, but you were cheated by this young boy. Tiaozilong got up and grabbed Jason and let go of the faucet on the sink. "I think I used to be so good to you that you forgot what I did." Jason clutched the edge of the sink in horror and pleaded with trembling lips, "Brother Long, I'll pay you back. My brother was very ill at that time.." "Oh, you have another brother?"? You want to lie to me when you're dying! Tiaozilong looked at him thoughtfully, his eyes desolate. Only then did Jason realize that the other party had a murderous heart. His legs and feet were weak. He begged vaguely, "Tiaozilong, I didn't lie to you.." Without waiting for him to finish, Tiaozilong pressed his head into the sink. "Is any of what you said to me true?" His tears were suddenly uncontrollable. "Jason, if you die, I won't have to think about you anymore.." Jason struggled violently and cried desperately for help in the water. He grabbed the clothes of Tiaozilong and pulled them hard. Tiaozilong clenched his teeth and held him down. The water splashed all over him. Jason felt the other side's gun on his waist in a hurry, and without much thought,water bottling line, he pulled it out and fired a shot without thinking. Click. Tiaozilong was slightly stupefied and released him. Click, click, click. gzxilinear.com

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