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Later, I ate steamed eggs several times, and what I ate was very fragrant.

Later, I ate steamed eggs several times, and what I ate was very fragrant. It seemed that I had eaten so many delicious foods in my previous life, but I didn't have a bowl of steamed eggs. Until today, I ate sweet millet porridge. It turned out that one mountain was higher than another. Pitifully, a bowl of honey millet porridge conquered the former female general of Ningguo. Mother! Ah! (Eat!) "Ye Bing opened her mouth and motioned to her mother to continue feeding." Oh, sister-in-law, did you hear that just now? Can Erya call her mother? Ye Bingniang was surprised. "Ye Bing saw her mother put down the bowl, some regret, she should wait to finish eating." I heard, really really, this is the first time to shout? It's very clear that Bingbing called her aunt. "Sister calls brother!" Brother Ye also joined in the fun. Ye Bing is now full of her sweet porridge, what is it called! Besides, she hasn't practiced anything except her parents. When I go back to learn from her father, I'm sure I'll be sour again. The eldest brother also called his mother first. The pride on Ye Bingniang's face was not concealed. The two brats in our family called their father first. The eldest aunt said that she was still angry and stared at the two little guys in the arms of her husband and brother-in-law. The two mountains looked at their mother innocently. Why did they suddenly get angry. Before leaving, Uncle Lin prepared a lot of good things for his sister and his nephew and niece. Ye Bingniang was embarrassed that she had to leave her mother's home every year, but when she saw the two children, she had to grit her teeth and talk to the children about filial piety to her uncle, aunt and uncle in the future. Why are you talking to the kids about this? "Uncle Lin doesn't want to hear this." If you get married, you will be separated from us. "Uncle Lin also scolded his sister." It's all my fault. What else could Ye Bingniang say? She checked the two children again,Small Dc Gear Motor, waved her hands with her sister-in-law and nephews, and Niang San went home. Of course, her uncle and uncle still had to send them. As soon as he entered the yard this time, Ye Baodong jumped out and said to Uncle Lin, "Uncle, did you send meat to my grandparents?" The voice is quite loud. This is not easy for others to reply, Ye Dad is also holding his daughter,Brushless Gear Motor, "Baodong, it's cold outside, hurry back to the house, eldest brother and second brother hurry into the house." Aunt Ye stamped her feet angrily. Her husband was not there and did not know where to go to watch the fun. Her silly son was being used as a gun. There was no need to think that it must be someone in the East Room, his grandmother or his sister-in-law. Ye Baodong is a little confused, little aunt is not to tell him, as long as he said so can eat meat. Controlling her face, Aunt Lin pushed the door open and waved to her silly son. "My son hurried back to the house and looked frozen." In the east room, Mrs. Ye stared at the little girl and looked at the old man without saying anything. As soon as this matter was stirred up, Uncle Lin and his family did not want to stay any longer. As soon as they put their things away, they left. Ye Bingniang gritted her teeth angrily and twisted her husband's waist twice. Father Ye was in tears of pain. He was wronged. What does this have to do with him. Seeing that her father was too pitiful, Ye Bing shouted, "Dad!" "Hey!"! My darling can call father, daughter-in-law, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, daughter can call father! Father Ye excitedly lifted his daughter again and again. Ye Bingniang gave him a supercilious look. "My daughter is called Niang by her uncle." So you're just the second wave. Father Ye would think, "It must be because I'm not here, or I must shout together." You can't learn it so quickly. Ye Bing patted her beautiful father on the face to show her approval. Chapter 16 "Sister, our mother won't let you go out." Brother Ye was very sad. He wanted to go to his friends to catch two clams and toads, but his sister insisted on following him. Ye Bing raised a small eyebrow, holding his arms, although he did not speak, but the meaning of the performance is clear, do not want to get rid of her. Now that the weather was good and she could trot, she was really impatient to circle the room. Today is a good opportunity for her to go out for a walk while her parents are not at home. Brother Ye shrank his head and did not forget to pull his sister, and unconsciously walked very slowly. Why don't we all go? Brother Ye also tried to change his sister's mind. Although he knew there was little hope, he asked. The main thing is that they're going to the bubble, and if they let their parents know that he's taking his sister, they're going to get their buttocks beaten. Brother, what is that man doing? Ye Bing doesn't want to answer his brother's question. "That's Luo Dapang riding a dog!" Ye little brother is very uncomfortable, can not lose his temper to his sister, can only vent his anger. Anyway, he didn't deal with this Luo Dapang, so he showed off that he had a dog. Now every family is poor, and they don't have enough to eat, let alone keep a dog. However, Luo Dapang's family has an uncle who is a soldier and has subsidies every month, so his family has a good life in the brigade, and their family is also a rare green brick adobe house. Don't look at any doctrine or society, there is a truth that does not change, Qian Zhuang's waist pole, although this Luo Dapang is only five years old, but there are several children around him all day long. But Ye's little brother's small group and Luo Dapang don't deal with it very much. Don't look at him. Riding a dog with a crotch. Brother Ye pulled his sister away. I learned that from the old ladies in the village. Dog Ye Bing is not raised, but the dog and the wolf are almost the same, she once killed the wolf, but the wolf is copper head, iron legs, bean curd waist, so this boy riding a dog like this is a waste of the dog, but it has nothing to do with her, shaking his head and leaving with his brother. By the river, several little boys were waiting there, and when they saw Ye Weidong bringing his little sister, they were somewhat disgusted. Why did you bring her here? We're going to catch clams and toads. The tone is very disgusted. He doesn't take a drag like his sister. Ye little brother stared at him, his sister can not let others say so, "my sister can be good, when the time comes I watch." "Humph!" The little boy snorted and said nothing. Ye Bing observed the two boys with interest. Her brother may be the youngest, but he is the best looking and cleanest. Take the one who dislikes her. She looks like a thin hemp pole, and her face is also the most common sallow nowadays. Anyway, this kind of child is common these days. This is nothing strange,24v Gear Motor, but that little painted face, oh, looks like she didn't wash her face.

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