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Someone raised his head, and others had to retreat under the threat of a gun,

Someone raised his head, and others had to retreat under the threat of a gun, except for a middle-aged man with glasses who looked ashamed and shouted at the girl holding the boy: "Xiaoya.." The girl didn't even look at the man with glasses. Xiaoya, I didn't mean to. "Get out!" Chapter 0172 the mind is accessible. "I don't want to see you again." The girl took a cold glance at the man with glasses and could not find any emotion in her eyes. She doesn't care whether the glasses man is intentional or unintentional. She only knows that the glasses man pushed her out when he was in danger. The man who came to this step is really rare. I really didn't mean it! The glasses man still doesn't give up. The girl's eyes swept over the boy's family who died tragically and wiped away her tears: "How could I be blind at the beginning? I took a fancy to you, a beast with a human face and a beast heart. Go away. We are finished. From today on, Xiaoxin is my own brother!" The others were already gone, but the man with glasses still wanted to talk. Ye Han didn't have time to accompany him. He pressed the earphone and said, "Move, and get the two people behind me out!" "Yes!" The answer came from the No.10 car, and the soldiers in the car immediately drove the man and woman out of the car. That pair of men and women are unrelenting, the female acts shamelessly: "With what ah, with what drive us down!" The cold light in Ye Han's eyes twinkled: "Get out!" Not these two people take the lead, behind those people may not have the courage to run out, Ye Han very, extremely, extremely hate these two do not know the depth of the dog men and women. The woman said in a horizontal voice,x56 line pipe, "My father is." "I don't care who your father is. Get out of here!" With a fierce look in his eyes, Ye Han pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the woman's forehead. The woman Ye Han's murderous eyes shocked, trembled and closed her mouth, and together with the man, ran back to the alley step by step. Glasses man still does not give up, but the matter has come to this point,x70 line pipe, how can not give up? He was so cruel that he turned around and followed the man and the woman to the alley. Ye Han exhaled a long breath and went to the girl's side. She was about to speak when the girl took the initiative to say, "You don't have to drive us. We'll go by ourselves." Ye Han sighed faintly: "Get on the bus." The girl was stunned and looked up at Ye Han in astonishment. Ye Han jumped into the armored car without saying a word. The girl quickly stood up with the boy in her arms: "Hey, what should I do?" Just now her attention was all on the boy, and now she noticed the miserable appearance of the boy's family, and she couldn't help but be frightened. But fear to fear, can not let the boy's family body in the wilderness, if thrown here like this, it will not take long to be eaten by giant cockroaches. Ye Han stood on the armored car and pursed his lips: "Sorry, I still have a task." "Can't you think of a way?" The girl pleaded. Ye Han did not say a word, directly retracted into the car, and deliberately boarded the car from the tailgate, rather than entering from the roof. The girl is urgent immediately, uns s32760 plate ,316 stainless steel plate, holding a boy in the arms to jump up to the car at once: "Hey, how are you this person such, do you have bit of sympathy?" Although the boy cried out, he was still far away from recovery, so he was pulled into the armored car by the girl. If you are a mature adult, you will never leave the body of your loved one at this time. Ye Han simply ignored the girl's clamor and placed her and the boy in the back of the car. Ye Han ordered Huya to drive. Then he ordered in an emotionless tone: "Sit here honestly and fasten your seat belts. The car is full of weapons. Take good care of the child. Don't touch or move around, and don't move forward. Do you understand?" The girl nodded and replied in an unfriendly tone, "I see." "If you understand, repeat it!" Ye Han said. Ah The girl's mouth opened into an O shape. "What did you say?" "I want you to repeat it!" Ye Han deliberately said in a very bad tone. This woman regardless of the stature or the appearance is also good, looks quite pleasing to the eye, but Ye Han will not be superficial to see who looks beautiful, a pair of wish to kneel to lick the dog leg appearance. The girl finally determined that the soldier was not a normal man, patiently repeated Ye Han's words, and then Ye Han returned to his post and drew the next target with two fingers. The girl carried Ye Han on her back and mouthed bitterly, "You're sick!" She had just been lovelorn, and her heart was badly blocked, but it happened that she met such a soldier with a brain problem, and her chest was blocked by three points, which was simply a heavy blow and a crit. At the same time, the veteran quietly approached Ye Han's ear: "Ye Pai, is this good?" Ye Han glanced at the girl in the back. "There's nothing wrong with that. Let her stay there." "No, I mean just now!" The old soldier made a gesture of shooting with his finger. Who cares, I'm capricious today, whatever I like! Ye Han sighed deeply, "The more critical the time is, the more he runs out to add to the confusion. Seeing these people is his mother's annoyance. I feel unhappy if I don't do something!" And now? Are you happy? Ye Han curled the corners of his mouth and said, "In the words of the novel, this is called mind access!" The old soldier raised his thumb and said helplessly, "I can't say anything about it." Ye Han breathed a foul breath: "This is not the first time I have encountered this kind of thing. Fuyun must have sent an urgent notice." "What is the notice?" The veteran asked curiously. Inform the common people to stay at home. Ye Han's expression is gloomy, "if you stay at home honestly." The old soldier sighed. "Pity the child." "Yes, pity the child." Ye Han's eyes twinkled, although he sympathized with the family's experience, but poor people must have something to hate, if they did not run out rashly, how could they die tragically in the attack of giant cockroaches? The old soldier looked back at the child, and the girl thought she was looking at herself, staring at the apricot stone and gouging out the old soldier. The veteran looked back in astonishment and said,347 stainless steel, "Ye Pai, this little girl is quite hot!" How much does it matter to us whether it is sweet or spicy? I'll be there soon. Take it easy! Ye Han said discontentedly. The old soldier quickly drew his attention back. The next target was to turn left at the intersection ahead. Ye Han adjusted the camera ahead of time. As soon as the armored car reached the intersection, the camera caught the giant cockroach lying on the street.

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